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"Seems like you're in luck, Sweetheart," Tony drawls with a smirk.


She stretches lazily, already on the bed and bare as she smiles at Tony. “Perfect. Need my wolf.”

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What is it that the beautiful Katherine wants most?


"I want my wolf naked and on the bed, so I can curl up in the feel of him, all his warmth, and spend the night with lazy kisses and lazy touches."

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What Kitty wants, Kitty gets.


White teeth bite into her lip as she smiles, head tilting. “I would hope so. Especially since it isn’t too hard to give me.”

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Apologies for the epic slowness to all my lovely followers

The last couple weeks have been really busy, especially at work. As such it leaves me with not a lot of headspace to reply. If you ever question if I saw something, always feel free to message me. I don’t bite.

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He nodded, still not gazing away from the hunter in case she fired the gun on her hip, “Where’s the Alpha?” Kate snarled.

"I don’t know. Even if I did, I wouldn’t tell you." He took a deep breath before adding, "You killed my sister." He hadn’t told the twins Laura was dead yet. He knew it’d hurt Logan; he’d fallen in love with Laura the same summer Derek fell in love with Katherine.

"Sweetie, I’d love to take the credit for that, but we didn’t kill your sister and since you aren’t any use to me." Derek saw her fingers start for the gun, took hold of Katherine’s hand and pushed her ahead of him out the door.

Focus is on the hunter, even if she had commented on something a little off topic, anything else would be too dangerous considering. Though she doesn’t have much time to react to the knowledge of Laura being dead before he’s pushing her to move. Everything in her still wants to rip out the other woman’s throat, something very unpack law of her, but her body moves easily for him, with him as she lets him rabbit her out of the house. 

She won’t stop running either, until she’s farther into the forest and they both will have decent tree coverage between them and the woman with the gun. “What the hell, Derek?” Turning, she hits his shoulder because she’s not sure what else to do. Kate being an ex, Laura being dead, and psycho alpha on the lose. This was a lot more than either twin bargained for.

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Bite is worse than her bark

Verses Page facelift

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Spring like Bunnies | Elena & Katherine


The idea scares her—-Logan feeling the need to bite someone in order to have someone to love.  She remembers all too well what happened with their lives; how much she blamed Clay after he bit her.  How much resentment was there for taking away her chance at a normal, happy life before she realized that it was to save her life.  Some rules have relaxed.  Others haven’t.  She doesn’t want her son to go through anything remotely like they went through.

There are things that women deal with, werewolf or not, that can’t be discussed in mixed company.  It’s good to have a companion.  But she’s also grateful she was able to walk her daughter through her Change and make sure it all went according to plan.  ”There are things I don’t need to hear, Sweet One,” she responds with a quiet chuckle.

"I’m planning to do a show next month," Elena says, head cocking as she studies one of the photographs, editing the color slightly on the screen.  "I won’t enter all of them, of course.  And the more intimate ones I doshow, will not be for sale.”

Logan is grateful some rules have changed, as is Katherine. It’s made the Pack come a little more into the now, into the modern age so they can better settle into society. But he hasn’t found anyone that he’s liked enough to ask Elena for permission to tell them, give them a choice. Because he’s hoping that his mother will let him take that route if he finds the right girl. Of course, that means he needs to let himself fall enough to find her and so far he hasn’t been able to. He’s still waiting. Always waiting. 

It’s better to have another woman around all and all. And Katherine does cherish all of what her mother has done for her, and how her mother has been here for her. While she’d love more female werewolves, she wouldn’t trade Elena for anyone else. “Sorry. Spoke when I should have just thought.” Though, with how well hearing is for them, it’s really no surprise that she’ll be pinning Tony once he’s home. Her grin say she’s not too sorry either. 

Katherine watches her mother edit the phone with a smile. “It’ll be a great show. We’re all invited, I hope.” She chuckles a little at that last comment though. “Well I’d hope not. Having a weird piece of Dad hanging in someone’s living room or bedroom would make you growly, at the very least. And it’d be weird.”

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